Monday, February 3, 2014

Wednesday 2/5/2014 Class

The Art of the Syntax, page 23 through 42, "The Sentence and the Line."

Group 1:  Page 24:  "Poetic meter..."  Read that paragraph and discuss how "the poetic line is inherently artificial, imposed by the poet onto the language." 

Group 2:  Read the Stanley Kunitz poem (page 26)...  Talk about paragraph on page 29, "Kunitz has said..."

Group 3:  Page 42:  "You cannot write a poem until you hit upon its rhythm.  That rhythm not only belongs to the subject matter, it belongs to your interior world, and the moment they hook up there's a quantum leap of energy.  You can ride on that rhythm.  It will carry you somewhere strange."  What is Kunitz getting at here, concerning syntax and meter and rhythm?  How do sounds increase meaning?  How does meaning increase sound?  ee cummings

Write a poem in paragraph form.

Read the paragraph and then read the poetic restructuring aloud...

Write a four-line, three-stanza poem about a current event... 

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