Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wednesday 2/12/14 Class

The Art of Syntax, pages 43 through 61, "Meter and Phrase."

Very important:  Robert Frost:  "A sentence is not interesting merely in conveying a meaning of words.  It must do something more:  it must convey a meaning by sound."  Also Frost:  "The living part of a poem is the intonation entangled somehow in the syntax idiom and meaning of a sentence."  (43 and 45)

Page 52:  "Relationships among stressed and unstressed syllables can support or resist poetic meter."

Page 54:  Shakespeare's paradigmatic sonnet.  Page 55:  Iambic pentameter. 

Laurie Anderson, "O Superman":

What is the sound, and what is the meaning, and how do they interrelate, and how are they relayed both through words and through sound?

Collage into 10 similes and metaphors.  Get into two groups.  Help each other select the top 5 for each.  Then write a five-stanza, four-line poem using the metaphors/similes as the beginning of each stanza.

Theodore Roethke on

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