Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Monday 3/3/14 Class

Wild-animal-is-the-final-stanza poem.  Read a few aloud.  Let's talk about the moment when something "outside of the poem" enters it. 

Draft of poet paper.  Couple up.  Switch papers.  Look for how the writer uses Art of Syntax to explain the work of the poet he/she chose. 

Look at the picture you took with your camera phone.  Write down all the words generated from the image.  Use the generated words to write a haiku.

Sylvia Plath on poet.org.  Take a look at "Aerial."  Let's talk about how she gets the poem moving...

Ariel, Sylvia Plath    

Stasis in darkness.
Then the substanceless blue   
Pour of tor and distances.

God’s lioness,   
How one we grow,
Pivot of heels and knees!—The furrow

Splits and passes, sister to   
The brown arc
Of the neck I cannot catch,

Berries cast dark   

Black sweet blood mouthfuls,   
Something else

Hauls me through air—
Thighs, hair;
Flakes from my heels.

Godiva, I unpeel—
Dead hands, dead stringencies.

And now I
Foam to wheat, a glitter of seas.   
The child’s cry

Melts in the wall.   
And I
Am the arrow,

The dew that flies
Suicidal, at one with the drive   
Into the red

Eye, the cauldron of morning.

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