Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Monday 2/3/14 Class

Bring in the completed poem you finished from the other classmate.  Be prepared to read it aloud, and talk about where you took it.

  • What was "inside" what the other person wrote that gave you to fuel to push forward?  What wasn't there?
  • How did you make it your own?

Read "Language, Literacy, and Literature," page 3 - 21, The Art of Syntax.

  • What is the "fundament"? 
  • What is "syntax"? 
  • How do language and music interrelate according to Voigt? 
  • It is useful to remember that we write in sentences too, and that the infinite variations of generative syntax take another quantum  leap when they can be reinforced, or reconfigured--rechunked--by the poetic line...  What do you think Voigt is getting at here?  What does she mean by "poetic line" and "rechunk"? 

Look up Wallace Stevens on, and select the poem you like the most.  Let's talk about the ones you have chosen.  And go through some of the syntactical strategies he uses...

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