Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday 4/21/14 Class

Flannery O'Connor's "Revelation" on the blog.  The crayon test:  draw elemental pictures, capturing the images you see in your head from the story.  Bring the drawings with you to class.  We will be talking about what it takes to be "selective" and to "create movement" by looking at the imagery that you drew, and also how Flannery relayed those images...

May 7, 2014 is the last class.  Your portfolios will be due then:

  • A 6-page (or more) short story written from one of the in-class assignments.
  • A five-page paper using Flannery O'Connor's  Mystery and Manners to review/investigate/praise/critique a short story from the blog. 
  • All the in and out of class writing exercises you did in the fiction portion of the class.
  • And revisions on the poetry paper.
  • And the poems you submitted previously.
How many in and out of class writing assignments have we done?  Let's make a list...

Write a complete story without using scenes.

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