Wednesday, April 23, 2014

List of Writing Exercises to Be Included in Your End-of-Semester Portfolio

1.  Poem transformed into the first paragraph of a story.
2.  10 sensate memories.
3.  Despicable character story constructed from the 10 sensate memories exercise.
4.  Write a description of the "bird of prey" photograph on the blog.
5.  Three characters fighting over an object (all the scenes that were transformed into a story).
6.  "The first time I heard _________, I was in ________."
7.  A paragraph describing what is right in front of you, and then the draft of a beginning of a story based on that paragraph.
8.  Story started from a title.
9.  Write a complete story without scenes.
10.  Write down an abstract emotion.  Then construct a scene depicting that emotion without using the abstraction.
11.  Write a vivid description of a neighbor you once had, give him/her a desire, and then generate a history for this fictionalized character.
12.  Story Cube exercise.

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